Aftermath Haiku
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•••Aftermath HAIKU•••

Write a Haiku Haiku? here's how...
Athens in July
three thousand miles to the club
Rewind now Unwound
Chiggers intrigue Bob~
Chirping, hiding in kudzu~
Georgia in July
Friends again dancing-
July rain at a picnic-
Meeting again "for real"
Humid afternoon...
Laughter in the langid trees
I miss connection
Fire alarm
Hotel pizza party
Pylon rock and roll
Fire alarm buzzes
Oh no, it sounded again
Let's get out of here
KR, love stallion,
loose in hot, dark 40 Watt:
sweat, dance, Python dance.
Jennifer Griffith
Deep porch, white columns
one-sixty-nine Barber Street
refuge from the sun
Sorry I missed it
It looked like fun and you (we?)
Look like (y)our parents
arms thrown in the air
feet stomping screaming hugging
my friends at rewind
malicious letter-
attempts to shame success? shows
angry stunted muse.
Sulty summer night
Vanessa's polka dot pants
Everything's cool
Mark Phredd
Forgotten moments
despite relative humidity
are crisp, clear once more
Mark Phredd
My shirt soaked in sweat.
"Don't take my picture," I think.
Oy, now it is on-line.
Mark Phredd
If you're unhappy--
claimed the poster long ago
--it is Ingrid's fault.
Mark Phredd
Streets full of old friends
the same but different-
Yet, where is Helen's?
Mark Phredd
Harmony Grim said,
"Tonight, tell not of old times
but of last night's dreams."
Mark Phredd
Dave asks about him.
"Why, that is the town shaman.
Doesn't yours have one?"
Mark Phredd
the ToneTones