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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Please note: if you have not already registered for the party and plan to do so after 9pm Friday, please come directly to the 40 Watt. The minimum donation after 9pm will be $40 and will cover all events taking place during Rewind weekend.

MOREbehind-the-scenes Rewinding
Hey Ya'll! We're here in Athens! Paul Scales is getting the Little Kings Photo display ready to hang. Maureen and Leslie put the ball chain lanyards through the little punch holes at the top of the laminates. The finished product is hanging all around the room we have at the Ga Gameday condos, where we are staying to prepare for the event

 Prewinding Begins!

It is great to be here!
The West Coast Comes East on Tuesday! Julie House & Paul Scales fetch Leslie and Bob from the airport.  
We naturally get right to work... 
having FUN!!!
Kathleen is a great cook!
The photography display is ready to hang up, Rick Hawkins drops by to say hello.
Kenny refills his envelope moisteners while stuffing the registration envelopes with Maureen
Here are the T-shirts , they are just delivered and ready for the party
Down the way from the Little Kings the intrepid preparty Committee celebrate the coming Celebration
Progress in the wee hours. Looking good! Just straighten out that one on the left bottom a bit....
Old Tyrone's Dance don't Think Button
the girlsAt Kathleen's in Atlanta and relaxing a moment before the trip to Athens
Here are a couple "Rewind Widowers", the husbands of Kathleen and Leslie:from Left- Allen Layson (KO's) and Bob Schuman (Leslie's).
In Athens, we send Paul Scales and Bob to the Taco Stand. Paul & Bob wait for the order and amuse themselves.
Check in Wednesday night at the Georgia Gameday. Go Dawgs...
Male bonding Athens style with Curtis Crowe, Paul Scales, and Bob Schuman.
See you soon!
The Athens Rewind Committee
Julie, Paul S., Kathleen, Kenny, Maureen, Paul B., and Leslie Michel.

Just a quick note to say how excited we are about the fast-approaching party. To those of you who have already RSVP’d...thanks! For those who are still making arrangements to come, please keep in mind the importance of your quick reply. The Friday night show with Pylon is limited to 700 people, so in order to ensure your entry to the show we highly recommend that you send in your RSVP. At some point the 40 Watt will release tickets for sale, so if you plan to attend, PLEASE reply quickly. Your ticket to Pylon, as well as to all other weekend events, is covered by the money you send in with your registration form.

The Athens Rewind Committee met last Thursday, June 16, at the Fabulous 40 Watt in Athens, Georgia. We finalized the details of the itinerary...
••• Here's what your laminate gets you •••


Little Kings Club,
6 to 9 pm :
Check-in Party
with cocktails and light hors d’œuvres
  Photography Gallery featuring works by Terry Allen, Keith Bennett, Jimmy Ellison, Laura Levine, Sam McNair, Matt Parker, Sandra-Lee Phipps and Molly Read Woo
40 Watt Club,
9 pm to 2 am:
Rewind Reunion with musical guests Pylon and Oh OK, and celebrity deejays to be announced


Thomas Lay Park,
noon to 2 pm :
FAMILY Picnic Catered by Fresh Air BBQ
children welcome! BYOB Picnic Plans
Lyndon House,
5 to 7 pm :
Catered Cocktail Party, Light Fare
Beer & Wine will be served.
Art Exhibition by Michael Lachowski
40 Watt Club,
8 pm to 2 am :
"Dance Don't Think" Party- With deejays Ort, Kurt Wood, KO, David Pierce and
DJ Sux (who often goes by the name of Michael Lachowski) & Neal McArthur
 Bands will include Time Toy, Bob Hay & the Jolly Beggars, and others to be announced.
And in the
Screening Room:
Movies You Remember Never Seeing, featuring films by Betty Alice Fowler, Jim Herbert, Spencer Thornton and more!
And at Little Kings: Quiet Conversation and Cocktails
(running concurrently with 40 Watt Party)
The effervescent Velena Vego assisted us in making several logistical decisions, and we think the variety of activities going on Friday and Saturday night will make it a very special weekend.
An exciting addition to the Friday night show is Ok OK, who will definitely open for Pylon! The lineup of the band will be Lynda Stipe and Linda Hopper, accompanied by Charles Greenleaf, Josh McKay and Kevin Sims. Friday night will also have an additional deejay in the form of Paul Butchart who is joining the lineup of entertainers that night.
On Saturday, a lunchtime BBQ picnic has been added at Thomas Lay Park. This will be a good opportunity for those bringing children to have a kid-friendly activity to attend. Even those without kids are welcome, of course! In the evening, plan to enjoy a catered buffet dinner at the Lyndon House where there is an ongoing exhibition of recent work by Michael Lachowski.
The Saturday night extravaganza at the Watt will consist of bands and deejays, plus cool old movies from various shows, parties, and film projects shot by local scenesters and moviemakers. Betty Alice Fowler has graciously offered to show her films, which consist of many early Super 8 movies of bands and parties. Spencer Thornton is also working hard putting together clips of very early shows of the B's, Pylon, the Side Effects and many others. Both groups of films will be seen at the Watt on Saturday night. We plan to use a back room at the club for a screening room, as well as to show several films in the main room between deejays and bands.
And for those of you who would rather get together in a quieter spot and catch up with old friends, the Little Kings club will be available on Saturday night for drinks and conversation. It is just around the corner from the 40 Watt, and owner Joey Tatum has kindly offered to remain open for Rewind patrons on Saturday. The photography gallery located at Little Kings (see itinerary for details) will also remain on exhibit through Saturday night.
One last note: for those of you bringing families or who would just rather have a larger place to stay (with a kitchen!) than a hotel room, Velena has given us the name of alternative lodging right across from the Watt. It's called "Georgia Gameday" and offers condos with one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. If you are interested in reserving one click here
Please RSVP if you haven't already! We have many people whom we would like to invite but since the guest list is temporarily full, we cannot send out any more invitations until we know for certain who is coming and who cannot attend. So get in touch!!! And remember, this party is made possible solely by contributions from Rewinders like you. We greatly appreciate all the extra donations!
See you very soon!
Athens Rewind Committee

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Hey Rewinders !RSVP Here

We also would like to emphasize how important it is that each person who plans to attend the event make a monetary contribution. Donations are the only source of funding for Athens Rewind, so in order for us to be able to make the necessary arrangements to put the party on, everyone must make a donation. Many people have offered their services, whether playing music or deejaying or serving on the planning committee, but these services are not in lieu of making a monetary donation. Each person attending the party should plan to make a donation.

So send in your forms!
Old Tyrone's Dance don't Think Button
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all.Athens Rewind Committee

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***The thing to remember about Rewind, is that it is
NOT about the 40 Watt, the bands or even the “Golden
Days of Athens
”. It is about re-connecting with old
friends and folks that for whatever reason, were in
the same time and place with one another during this
pivotal time in American music history.***
Paul S.

We are also interested in any type of memorabilia you could donate or share for this event.

See you soon!
The Athens Rewind Committee
Julie, Paul S., Kathleen, Kenny, Maureen, and Leslie M.

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behind-the-scenes Rewinding
April 21 2005 Trip to Athens,

KO, Velena Vego, Maureen and Julie discussing details at the 40 Watt:
KO and Paul Scales take a break:
Frank Mason and KO at the lovely home of Kathy Russo,
on lovely Cobb Street:.

May 7,2005 Next... Envelope stuffing!
While the gang is hard at work in one room,

Kenny checks out the medicine cabinet in another...

Our illustrious administrative assistant, Victoria Hay, Bob and Vanessa's daughter.

Meanwhile, on the Left Coast, in the wee-hours, Leslie, the AthensRewind Webmistress, finishes a marathon
site tune-up @ the crack of dawn.

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...Ultimately all will happen as it happens, exactly as it magically happened in 1979. Not one single thing or decision or difference of opinion or dishonest person or quarrel or (God forbid) accidently forgotten guest can screw it up. The spirit that brought us all together the first time will rule the day. Perfection is unattainable. Chaos is more scintillating at a party anyway!

Funny thing about "throwing" a party is the throwing part. After all that fussing and fretting and brainstorming and meeting- hours of effort; you got to LET GO of the darn thing! It rarely "lands" where you thought it would, but miraculously years later people still talk about the grand and glorious time they had like it was yesterday. Sometimes they even write about you in books ;) LJM
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